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21-May-2022 Saturday
Cбер потерял мои деньги при переводе с моей карты на мой же счёт внутри приложения!

16-May-2022 Monday
Оплата госпошлины

14-May-2022 Saturday
Россиян предупредили о мошенническом приложении «Сбербанк онлайн»

11-May-2022 Wednesday
СберПрайм за 1 рубль на 3 месяца (без активной подписки)

08-May-2022 Sunday
Перевод со Сбербанка через СПБ

06-May-2022 Friday
Что с Системой быстрых платежей?

05-May-2022 Thursday
Response to the post "SberBank Online disappeared from the AppStore("

05-May-2022 Thursday
Went to x@, the article was deleted, thankless

29-April-2022 Friday
Sberbank Data Security

20-April-2022 Wednesday
And now Sber is next in line.

18-April-2022 Monday
You are welcome...

15-April-2022 Friday
Sberbank removed from PlayMarket

13-April-2022 Wednesday
Wave iphone with Sberbank Online

13-April-2022 Wednesday
Sberbank online protects

13-April-2022 Wednesday
SberOnline all

12-April-2022 Tuesday
Please do not delete)

12-April-2022 Tuesday
The application "Sberbank Online" has become unavailable for download and update in the App Store

12-April-2022 Tuesday
Sberbank's mobile application on iOS can no longer be downloaded from the App Store

12-April-2022 Tuesday
SberBank Online is not available in the App Store

07-April-2022 Thursday
I decided to scare Sber naked zh...

06-April-2022 Wednesday
Response to the post "What to do now?"

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