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19-May-2022 Thursday
Lufthansa ответит за антисемитизм в суде

15-May-2022 Sunday

11-May-2022 Wednesday
Про авиакомпании

04-May-2022 Wednesday
Aeroflot is a member of the Cattle Alliance

27-April-2022 Wednesday
The idea of how to restore and develop international air traffic between friendly countries and Russia

22-April-2022 Friday
That's what kind of pighead?

22-April-2022 Friday
Rosaviatsiya recommended airlines to prepare for flights without GPS

16-April-2022 Saturday
The government has allocated 19.5 billion to Russian airlines so that they quickly return money to people for tickets for canceled flights

12-April-2022 Tuesday
Azimut Airlines - how to make money by increasing the number of dispatchers...

10-April-2022 Sunday
Turkey is going to organize an airline designed only to serve Russian tourists

10-April-2022 Sunday
Tinkoff does not return the money

29-March-2022 Tuesday
Azimut Airlines throws

29-March-2022 Tuesday
Cancellation of Pobeda Airlines flight

23-March-2022 Wednesday
Aeroflot. A business pass is a "convenient" thing that you f***** about to apply for.

22-March-2022 Tuesday
Ulyanovsk plant increases production of aircraft

18-March-2022 Friday

16-March-2022 Wednesday
If you're flying somewhere soon...

16-March-2022 Wednesday
Need help. Refund of money for tickets

15-March-2022 Tuesday
How the dog became the hero of the movie "The Shining" during the flight

14-March-2022 Monday
In The Russian Federation, airlines were allowed to take away foreign aircraft that are leased

14-March-2022 Monday
Restrictions on the plane for passengers with children

07-March-2022 Monday
As usual... many profit from the mountain...

05-March-2022 Saturday
The Irony of Fate

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