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26-April-2022 Tuesday
About the "hating" Solovyovs, Kiselyovs, Skabeyevs...

25-April-2022 Monday
FSB shows footage of the detention of neo-Nazis who planned the murder of Russian journalists

24-April-2022 Sunday
Propaganda expectation vs reality

16-April-2022 Saturday
Zhirinovsky's funeral

15-April-2022 Friday
If Hitler had Solovyov and Skabeyeva, the Germans would still not have known that they had lost the war!

13-April-2022 Wednesday
Evil somehow all became

10-April-2022 Sunday
Morning humor

08-April-2022 Friday
Full release of Skabeeva

04-April-2022 Monday
Don't give thanks ;)

03-April-2022 Sunday
Tender hugs with Skabeyeva

28-March-2022 Monday
Freudian caveat

28-March-2022 Monday
Did you know that Skabeyeva...

27-March-2022 Sunday
Did you know that Skabeyeva is a man?

07-March-2022 Monday
Drain tank scabbe

03-March-2022 Thursday
8 years old

28-February-2022 Monday
Moscow speaks and shows

22-February-2022 Tuesday
Not in euros happiness, but in their quantity

05-February-2022 Saturday
Response to the post "Can I not comment on this game?""

04-February-2022 Friday
"Can I not comment on this game?"

15-January-2022 Saturday
Let's imagine - if the Russian presenter Olga Skabeeva worked as a doctor

03-December-2021 Friday
And the Kremlin will answer for everything! There is no truth for Russia!

26-November-2021 Friday
You don't understand, this is different

07-November-2021 Sunday
Скабеева - терминатор

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