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12-May-2022 Thursday
Слова песни Чичериной, Добровольческая

09-May-2022 Monday
Вечный огонь

09-May-2022 Monday
Ответ на пост «Чичерина в Токмаке. Зажжён вечный огонь»

30-April-2022 Saturday
Chicherina Julia vs...

30-April-2022 Saturday
Only victory

29-April-2022 Friday
Singer Yulia Chicherina welcomed the cancellation of the concert "Bi-2" in Omsk

28-April-2022 Thursday
Without being tied to anything. Just a song

27-April-2022 Wednesday
Continuation of the post "Groups "CHAIF" and "Jean" performed in the hospital in front of the wounded fighters of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation"

22-April-2022 Friday
Chicherina- On the front line

21-April-2022 Thursday
Chicherina lights up

21-April-2022 Thursday
Chicherina in Tokmak. The eternal flame is lit

21-April-2022 Thursday
Artists in Donbas

15-April-2022 Friday
Goodbye Elite

11-April-2022 Monday
Donbass songs and not only

08-April-2022 Friday
Chicherina:several songs near Mariupol

08-April-2022 Friday
The girl from our yard

03-April-2022 Sunday
Response to the post "In Melitopol, for the first time in 7 years, an eternal flame was lit"

02-April-2022 Saturday
Chicherina steep

30-March-2022 Wednesday
In Melitopol, for the first time in 7 years, an eternal flame was lit

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