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21-May-2022 Saturday
О работе добровольцев в зоне конфликта — в документальном фильме RT

18-May-2022 Wednesday
Free Fire Diamond Generator hack

17-May-2022 Tuesday
Вопрос: как вы считаете, адекватно ли такое название для  программы, в которой обсуждают военную спецоперацию?

16-May-2022 Monday
Священная война

14-May-2022 Saturday
Дочерняя компания «Интер РАО» приостановит поставки электричества в Финляндию с 14 мая

04-May-2022 Wednesday
Eldar Murtazin began to host the author's program "Divided States" on Russia Today

02-May-2022 Monday
Response to the post "Kirkorov recorded a video message in which he criticized the editor-in-chief of RT Margarita Simonyan"

01-May-2022 Sunday
Republicans introduced a draft resolution on the use of the US military to protect Ukraine

29-April-2022 Friday
The Bank of Russia reduced the key rate to 14% per annum

27-April-2022 Wednesday
I'm alive

27-April-2022 Wednesday
Continuation of the post "Russian pilot Yaroshenko was exchanged for American Trevor Reed"

26-April-2022 Tuesday
Energy embargo and anti-Russian sanctions could lead to "one of the greatest food crises in the history of mankind"

25-April-2022 Monday
Response to the post "Something has gone wrong"

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