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28-May-2022 Saturday
Видимо были случаи...

25-May-2022 Wednesday
Sticker "Paranoid"

25-May-2022 Wednesday
Вопрос как бы получить небольшую наклейку с лого Пикабу (орешек) на авто

20-May-2022 Friday
Девчушки-подружки #512

18-May-2022 Wednesday
Подойди поближе

16-May-2022 Monday
На что он намекает?

12-May-2022 Thursday
Чуть не лопнул)

11-May-2022 Wednesday
Чудите сами)

11-May-2022 Wednesday

09-May-2022 Monday
Можем повторить?

07-May-2022 Saturday
Наклейка на холодильник

04-May-2022 Wednesday
Luke, that's me - C-3PO, help get out of the car!

24-April-2022 Sunday
My Sticky WORLD

23-April-2022 Saturday
Just a low quality faded sticker

21-April-2022 Thursday
Stickers based on Bosch's painting

21-April-2022 Thursday
In Nalchik, a father forced his 12-year-old daughter to tear off the Z sticker from someone else's car in the parking lot

19-April-2022 Tuesday
Photos of stickers

12-April-2022 Tuesday

08-April-2022 Friday
In Moscow, the Chanel store was pasted with portraits of Hitler

05-April-2022 Tuesday
Do not be shy

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